NHS tiptoes around vaccination in new MullenLowe work

MullenLowe has taken a determinedly softly softly approach in its seemingly endless anti-Covid NHS campaign and it’s back with a new variant, ‘Everyone Can Help.’

Eagle-eyed observers will note that just about everyone in the TV ad ‘Let’s Keep Going’ are South Asian, the community it seems hardest to convince to take the vaccine. Ealing, for example, has one of the highest infection rates in the capital and it has a large South Asian population. It was the setting for the film ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ all those years ago.

So there must have been a temptation to run something on the lines of ‘get a bloody jab.’ Even the Queen has entered the fray, suggesting that it’s selfish not to get one. Hence ‘Everyone Can Help,’ presumably.

These are deep and treqcherous waters of course, leading to growing calls for vaccine passports of some sort or another.

Maybe this will be the next poser for MullenLowe.

Good as ever – MAA creative scale: 7.5.

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