Droga5 makes personalisation case for Facebook in the Zuckerberg/Cook privacy stand-off

Apple seems to have Facebook well and truly on the run with its planned change to iPhones inviting users to opt in to share their personal information. Such information, of course, is the foundation of Facebook’s ad business – that is, all its business.

So this pioneer of personalisation has turned to good old advertising to make the case that personalisation is good for the zillions of small businesses that advertise on Facebook. These were the businesses that kept Facebook’s revenue surging when lots of big advertisers took their money away for a month or two in a row over fake news (at least that’s what I think it was) last year.

In the chair is Droga5, seemingly the preferred choice in the US when a little advocacy is required.

Slick and (fairly) convincing from D5.

Maybe Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, fresh from his summit with Australia’s PM, should seek such a showdown with Apple’s Tim Cook? Do they ever talk? Probably not allowed to on anti-trust grounds.

It will probably take more than D5’s best efforts to win Cook round.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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