Sooner collective charts upbeat route out of UK lockdown

A group of adland’s finest including Sir Nigel Bogle and Robert Campbell are – what’s the word, curating? – a social media campaign #LetsGetThereSooner inviting people to say what they’re looking forward to post-lockdown. And reminding them, as you do, to stick to the rules as we inch closer to freedom.

The campaign, from the Sooner collective, aims to strike a more upbeat note than the UK government’s efforts. People are invited to upload their content to Facebook and Instagram.

Rainey Kelly Campbell Roafe co-founder Robert Campbell says: “The pandemic crisis is not over and it is imperative that we all stick to the rules. We sense a growing desire amongst friends, family and colleagues to inject some positivity and warmth into the messaging around the pandemic after a long hard winter.

“The #LetsGetThereSooner campaign is an opportunity for all of us to share our videos and photos on social media of the one thing we’ve missed most. This campaign comes from the people by the people.”

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