Mother’s sports agency Run Deep launches new Nike Spurs kit

Matthew Horne and a live cockerel provide the jokes

With the Euros starting next week, it’s too soon for most of us to be thinking about the 2024/25 football season. But for fans of Tottenham Hotspur – which has no players in the tournament – it won’t ever be too soon to watch some of your favourite players, plus Gavin & Stacey actor Matthew Horne and a real life cockerel, mucking about in a local Haringey pub.

The “Time to Rise” film, by Mother’s “fan culture” agency Run Deep, is to whip up excitement for the launch of Nike’s new retro-look home kit. England midfielder James Maddison missed out on a place at the Euros, but you can watch him in the pub with fellow players, past and present, male and female.

Mathew Horne said: “As a life-long Spurs fan, this is a dream campaign to be a part of – the new kit looks awesome. The cockerel has always been a massive symbol of pride for me, so it’s great to have that front and centre. The cockerel is at the core of our identity as a Club, so it’s fun to celebrate that. It’s what makes us Spurs.”

North London rival Arsenal has been making good films like this for a while. Given that the shirts cost £125 each, marketing has got to be a good investment. Run Deep have had the sense to keep the players in the background and let Horne – and a real life cockerel (Spurs’ mascot) – do the talking.

MAA creative scale: 7

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