Uncommon delivers uncommonly clever Out of Home mould-breaker for The Ordinary

Uncommon Creative Studio is good at grabbing headlines, in some cases it’s pretty good at rewriting what you can do with a medium too.

For years the driving force of Out of Home advertising has been digital (much like most other media) with 3D installations leading the way. Old paper-and-paste (although it probably isn’t nowadays) has taken a back seat even though it has by far the biggest share in many markets. For ‘classic’ posters to work they need that old combo of a striking image and good copy, very often in short supply now.

Uncommon has already defied OOH expectations with its award-winning British Airways campaign and now it’s using more or less the same techniques for skincare brand The Ordinary with posters that are anything but, even if they look pretty – ordinary.

Uncommon says the campaign “represents the brand’s latest step toward changing the perception of the beauty industry by offering a voice of transparency alongside well-known, high-quality formulations at a sensible price.”

A case of the medium being (partly) the message then.

Uncommonly clever.

MAA creative scale: 8.5.

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