British Airways gets its brand leader mojo back with Uncommon

British Airways has been playing its national institution card for as long as anyone can remember – ‘Fly the flag,’ ‘The world’s favourite airline’ – and Uncommon is obviously feeling confident enough to stir the emotions once again for the (recently) much-criticised airline.

Unlike Virgin cabin crew, who dress up as each other in the most recent campaign from Lucky Generals, BA staff smile fondly at babies. ‘Everywhere we go.’

Uncommon’s Lucy Jameson says: “The work showcases the many journeys British Airways takes us on and the role they play in shaping our lives and who we become.”

But what about the missing free sandwiches, computer cock-ups and all the rest of it? BA, now with a new skipper at the controls, clearly feels it’s put this behind it.

This is confident brand leader advertising, something we’re seeing more of from Uncommon.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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