Barnardo’s hits the right note to help children ‘come out of their shell’

In its time charity Barnardo’s has produced some outstanding advertising. The charity is now undergoing what it calls its first brand refresh for ten years and, unusually, it’s open about what it cost: £240,000 on the new brand and logo, including £185,000 on research, and £55,000 on ‘creative delivery.’

Agency Don’t Panic has certainly delivered: Barnardo’s can help children in struggling circumstances ‘come out of their shell.’

Barnardo’s CEO Lynn Perry says: “We hope this will help us inspire a new generation of supporters who share our commitment to changing childhoods and changing lives – there is so much need and we know we can go so much further in meeting it if we go together.”

Nicely judged: would have been tempting to pile on the emotion but everyday struggles are what get people down and, usually, why they need help.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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