Sky is showing the same ‘bumtastic’ ad 273 times for Groundhog Day

Streaming platforms often irritate viewers by showing the same ad over and over, but today Sky is doing it on purpose.

Loo paper brand Who Gives a Crap is embracing Groundhog Day by taking over every single ad break on Sky Cinema, which is showing the 1993 movie Groundhog Day on repeat for 24 hours. According to the brand’s calculations, that means we could see more than 1000 bums over the course of the day.

Emily Kraftman, UK & Europe MD, Who Gives A Crap said: “As a sustainable toilet paper brand, we know a thing or two about keeping regular and couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to show viewers our ad on repeat. Whilst we normally like to do things differently – like donating 50% of our profits to WASH initiatives – we’re making the most of staying the same, at least for today.”

One Comment

  1. Since when did Britain start celebrating “Groundhog Day?” Yet another fake American holiday, such as Halloween, which isn’t a holiday, ‘cos you still have to show up for work.

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