Sainsbury’s makes first big move in supermarket cost of living wars

Sainsbury’s has its new populist hat on in the first (non-Christmas) campaign from New Commercial Arts, positioning the brand for “everyone” as opposed to sitting slightly above Tesco and behind Waitrose amd M&S.

This, you won’t be surprised to learn, is primarily about price but it also features Sainsbury’s staff (as it did at Christmas) in a way that reminds you of those Asda ads in the days of yore, which put the Leeds-based supermarket on the path that led ultimately to Walmart and then the Issa brothers.

And for good measure there’s Grand Designs’ Kevin McLoud coming in under budget for once. A busy 30 seconds yoiu might say.

Sainsbury’s had a good Christmas, outperforming most of its rivals, and this will get them thinking at market leader Tesco.

MAA creative scale: 7 (now if only they’d restore a few more checkouts..)

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