Cannes Lions gives humour a whirl – but would they find this gem funny?

Much chatter in adland about Cannes Lions’ new humour category (replacing mobile, surely there’s a laugh in that.)

Does this mean that agencies will be falling over themselves to do funny and, given it’s Cannes, producing all sorts of ads that no client ever actually paid for.

Back in the day agency creative departments were full of jokers who had to be reined in more than reined out. Are they still?

And, assuming some jokers can be found, how do they appeal to an international jury without offending someone? Most funny ads, like most jokes, make fun of someone or something. Tends to play badly these days.

Here’s one from the 80s, chosen for us a while back by New Commercial Arts’ David Golding. It’s for Castlemaine XXXX (from Saatchi I think) and artfully combines a particular view of Aussie maledom with another of the role of women in their somewhat blinkered lives. And it makes you laugh at all of it (even though you probably shouldn’t – and some Cannes juror today would surely be offended.)

Can’t wait to see what gets entered and shortlisted.

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