Mother wins crypto brand Kraken and launches global campaign

Money makes the world go round, crypto makes the world go forward

Crypto currency and its near cousin NFTs have lately fallen into disrepute thanks to the ongoing fraud trial of Sam Bankman-Fried, the founder of ultimate crypto exchange FTX.

But the crypto bros persevere, and there’s probably a use for digital currency somewhere along the line. Mother London must think so – the agency pitched successfully for the global Kraken account earlier in the year, and the result is a campaign that promotes the digital currency as a driver of financial freedom and inclusion, inviting us to “See what crypto can be.”

David Ripley, Kraken CEO, said: “This is our first global campaign for a reason – for 12 years we have grown organically through a great product built on world-class design and performance with a foundation of security and client service. Now is the perfect time for us to step forward and celebrate Kraken as a mission-driven brand centred around our clients, while helping the next billion people understand what crypto can offer them today and into the future.”

Mayur Gupta, Kraken CMO, said: “Kraken has always valued education and providing the right resources to clients. The benefits of crypto are available to all, and Kraken is committed to providing beginners with a safe and accessible bridge to this exciting world. We want people to know Kraken and understand that we have always stood for crypto’s mission and doing what is best for clients with a deep commitment to continually improving their experience.”

US-based Kraken has had its own share of dodgy press. It was fined $30m by the US Securities & Exchange Commission at the start of the year and in July, founder Jesse Powell had his homed searched by the FBI.

But Mother has always been smart about business and they will have done their homework. Kraken – described by the FT as one of the best known exchanges in crypto-currencies – took its time about launching an ad campaign, and recently signed a deal with the Williams Formula 1 team.

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