British Red Cross by VCCP: ‘Here for Humanity’

VCCP’s campaign for The British Red Cross does a simple but effective job of showing that the charity’s workers are “Here for humanity” with three films focusing on Ukraine, Turkey and Syria.

The Red Cross logo is visible on responders’ uniforms in every scene, introducing an element of hope and relief no matter how terrible the circumstances. You’re left in no doubt that it really is worth donating what you can.

Natasha Dickinson, executive director strategy & communications at British Red Cross said: “The stark images seen in the Here for Humanity Campaign authentically show the Red Cross’ powerful response to crisis around the world. These raw images turn the spotlight onto our responders and the people they help.”

Paul Cohen, creative director at VCCP London, said: “Like an X that marks the spot, we used the Red Cross which appears on all Responders’ uniforms as a visual hook to highlight that they are literally ‘here’ in every scene.”

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