Game of Our Lives and 180 Amsterdam call for true global inclusion of women in sport

While England and Spain battle it out in the FIFA Women’s World Cup final this weekend, NGO Game of our Lives wants us to remember the 450 million women and girls around the world who are banned or discouraged from participating in sport.

A campaign by 180 outlines the positive life lessons that sport can teach us and introduces a new football team called “She Has Fire,” which is led by women players from the national teams of Denmark, England, the US, China, Nigeria and South Africa.

A team shirt displays ten sports-centric lessons: confidence, goal-setting, determination, resilience, mental agility, accountability, integrity, clear communications, teamwork and discipline.

Dylan Ingham, co-founder of the Game of Our Lives Foundation says, “The FIFA Women’s World Cup this year is a vital moment for women in sports. We need everyone to join She Has Fire to help us end the exclusion of girls in sport and empower the next generation. Because the lessons girls learn on the pitch enable them to become women who lead off it.”

Kika Douglas, CCO of 180 Amsterdam added: “Stepping onto a field or into a meeting room like you belong there is exactly how you convince your doubters that you do. Sport is an essential part of how young people grow but too often girls are shut out of this space. We’re so pleased to amplify the issue and encourage people to pledge their support to ending the exclusion of girls in sport.”

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