Tesco plumbs new Clubcard depths

Can you remember when shopping, even in a supermarket, could be pleasurable?

Now though Britain’s increasingly demented retailers, desperate to try to persuade us all they’re doing their bit to bring down the cost of living (they may be but not at the expense of their profits and bonuses) have gone loyalty scheme mad. Shopping has become a veritable minefield.

In the van, of course, is Tesco with Clubcard, a loyalty scheme that offers one price to members (and their data) and another, often 50% more, to any poor sap who hasn’t got one or doesn’t want one.

Is this even legal? If a market stall owner offered one price to some customers and 50% more to others he’d be up before the beak.

BBH is in the driving seat with Clubcard’s latest atrocity – some idiot is reduced to moronic delight in the mistaken belief “he’s got the power.” No you haven’t mate, Tesco has.

BBH makes about as good a fist of it as you can. But should it?

MAA creative scale: 1.

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