Mother Berlin puts AI to a techno beat with surprising results

Mother Berlin opened at the end of 2022, and appropriately enough the first work we’ve seen from them is for a techno DJ, Paul Kalkbrenner. It might not be an ad, but the combination of technology and creativity make it well worth watching.

The video shows a loop of different everyday Berlin scenes and places groups of 4D AI rendered people in each of them. It all starts off pretty normal, but as the film progresses, the placing, activities and even sizing of the people gets more and more absurd.

Stefan Wittemann, creative director of Mother Berlin, said: “Our lives are being dominated by algorithms, and AI-generated images become more and more indistinguishable from reality. Our concept is rooted in a societal observation. We wanted to create an altered version of reality – an obvious digitally mirrored everyday life that showcases the mundane and absurd patterns of our social behaviours.”

Jovan Todorovi?, the film’s director, said: “The video is arranged like a series of paintings, fluctuating between the ordinary and the absurd. It prompts viewers to question the reality of what they see, distinguishing between the genuinely human and the deliberately human-like. SCHWER is less of a story-based film and more of a commentary on society.”

MAA creative scale: Not fair to score when we are talking about a techno DJ as a client, but this work bodes well for the agency’s creative potential.

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