Succession’s Brian Cox goes global for Santander

Well here’s a thing – a good old corporate ad, well acted and shot and making a reasonable point.

From House337 for Santander Corporate Banking, featuring Succession’s Brian Cox. Directed by Tom Hooper for Smuggler.

And the point? You can do business anywhere if you plug into Santander’s network, regardless of who you know and don’t know. Cox, in best Logan Roy style, knows everyone of course.

House337, in its former guise of Engine Creative, had a way with such films, coaxing performances out of the likes of George Clooney (who usually delivers, to be fair) and Robert De Niro for Warburtons.

Back in the day, when the UK airwaves were awash with corporate efforts, the favoured slot for them was ITV’s flagship News At Ten, for obvious reasons. Will this appear in such prime spots or will the mayhem of programmatic media buying consign it to, say, Love Island?

At least it’s not Ant and Dec.

MAA creative scale: 8.

One Comment

  1. I feel like there’s a nice idea there, that’s not done justice by the exposition approach

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