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Mother and Uber Eats get creative with data for Ramadan OOH campaign

As well as being a holy month for Muslims, Ramadan is gaining cultural traction in the UK. There are Ramadan lights in Piccadilly Circus, a Ramadan Pavilion at the Victoria & Albert Museum, and a Premier League-sanctioned a pause during matches for footballers to break their fast (Iftar) if they are playing at sunset.

There are usually a few advertisers who get involved, notably adam&eveDDB’s 2021 “Ramadan League” campaign for EA Sports. This year, Mother has built a database of shifting sunset timings across the UK, and deployed dynamic OOH to alter its ads across the whole month.

Around 88% of British Muslims live in big cities, so Mother has targeted London, Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow.

Can Akar, head of EMEA marketing at Uber, said: “Our new Ramadan campaign not only celebrates the amazing dishes that are at the heart of Iftar dinners but also but also reminds our Muslim customers with date and city-specific Iftar times so they can schedule their deliveries for enjoying delicious Iftar meals”.



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