MAA blast from the past: Nike – ‘write the future’

Haven’t had one of these for a while. chatting to a seasoned creative director the other day we decided that Nike’s big award-winner ‘Write the Future’ for the 2010 World Cup, was, maybe, the high watermark of a form of advertising that has been largely beached by the digital tide.

Not that it’s the greatest ad ever, although it’s one of the more engrossing: what’s it all about? Wayne Rooney exiled to a caravan for giving away a penalty? Ronaldo scores one, one course (otherwise he probably wouldn’t have turned up.)

At the time Wieden+Kennedy was at the top of its considerable game even though there were, apparently, ructions ‘twixt agency, client and production company at awards time. They probably shot enough film for another War and Peace to get their three minutes.

Obviously ads couldn’t continue getting longer and more expensive, even without the rush to digital. Must have been a lucky time to be an agency creative.

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