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House 337 and BlinkInk craft winning wake-up call for PETA

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is back with a new campaign from House 337, abandoning its usual high fashion territory for a faux kids’ film – ‘Red River Farm’ – with comedian and actress Jessie Cave.

The message is: don’t buy/wear wool, feathers or leather. Could get chilly out there.

The debut ad for production company BlinkInk from director Will Wightman. The two-year campaign will run across PETA’s social media channels including Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Childrens’ TV is, understandably, not on the menu.

PETA VP of Programs and Operations Elisa Allen says: “This campaign is part entertainment and part education. We believe it is a compelling and powerful way to highlight what is done to animals in the name of fashion. This sharable video will support us in spreading the word that animals are not materials and inspire people to shop for vegan clothing and accessories.”

Powerful enough to make anyone reconsider their choices. A reminder that the new House 337, the former Engine Creative, can still cut it with the best. Reminds you a bit of ‘Dumb Ways to Die.’

MAA creative scale: 9.

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