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Does Sport England need a different tune for ‘This Girl Can?’

Sport England and FCB Inferno are back with more ‘This Girl Can,’ this time trying to close what they call the “enjoyment gap,” partly to blame, it seems, for the number of women not prepared (or able) to exercise.

Sport England’s research claims that 2.4m women (doubt they asked this many) are less committed to exercise than men and the implication is that the number is going up.

And there are more films aimed at particular groups.

Could one of the answers be that this campaign, much-awarded though it is, has run its course? These films have to stay the right side of hectoring otherwise people turn off.

There are probably lots of reasons why women, especially, maybe, from ethnic groups don’t exercise: time, money, kids to look after, safety (tiptoed around here.) And facilities, our council is planning to remove funding from the local YMCA gym because numbers have dropped off.

Or they just don’t want to – not allowed these days, of course, in the era of preventative medicine.

MAA creative scale: 5.

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