Uncommon’s Yellow Sticker Cookbook helps the nation to ‘find a meal in every deal’

In supermarkets, yellow stickers are used to mark down foods that are close to their sell by date. A whole culture has sprung up around them, with countless TikTok videos sharing “yellow sticker hauls” and giving advice on the best time to visit the different supermarkets to secure your cut price items.

Uncommon Creative Studios’ CX division has tapped into this with its Yellow Sticker Cookbook, which allows you to input your random “yellow sticker” ingredients (combined with anything extra you might already have at home) and then suggests a range of relevant recipes.

The solution is web-based rather than app-based, but it’s designed to be used on your phone in conjuction with Google Lens.

With UK food inflation running at around 15%, and one in seven Brits saying they miss meals to save money, it’s a smart idea. A shame the culture wars have infiltrated the yellow sticker phenomenon, with rows breaking out about whether better off people should leave the reduced items for those who can’t afford full price.

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