Adidas: who needs Kanye when you have Stephen Graham?

With Kanye West binned after his anti-semitic comments – and warehouses full of unsold Yeezy stock drowning out Adidas’ profits – the sportswear brand has turned instead to actor Stephen Graham as it makes a move on North Face/Patagonia territory.

Shot in Iceland, the four minute film shows Graham – known for his roles in This is England, Line of Duty, and Boiling Point, among others – throwing himself into nature and learning from local artists about the country’s mythology, which is steeped in its dramatic landscapes.

Graham makes a credible model for the Adidas Spezial retro gear. He said: “It may sound strange, but for me, clothing and footwear can be an emotive thing, especially with something like Adidas Spezial. It reminds me of being a kid and having to save up for a pair of trainers that I really wanted, or asking my mum for a pair at Christmas.”

He may have played some dodgy criminal characters, but Graham is all class in real life, and a surprising yet smart choice for the campaign.

MAA creative scale: 7

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