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A tale of two ads: Kevin Bacon (and daughter) for Hyundai, purpose overdose at Avon

Kevin Bacon was once a rather fine, edgy Hollywood actor but for years now he’s been regaling us for EEC, courtesy of Saatchi and Saatchi. Offering seemingly little more than a trademark drawl and an irritating persona although there must be some research somewhere that says it works (for some people anyway.)

Now the old boy, 64 it seems, is back for Hyundai in an Innocean spot, presumably aimed at the Super Bowl. Showing how an irritating older dad can get to grips with the box of tricks otherwise known as EV vehicles, with a commentary from daughter Sosie.

Hyundai North America CMO Angela Zepeda says: “If you are someone on the fence of going electric, we hope this campaign starring Kevin and Sosie Bacon will show how early adopters, at any stage in their life, can easily make the switch.”

Bacon is just as irritating as ever (only this time he’s supposed to be) but the ad, unusually for EVs, does actually try to get to grips with some of the issues about owning and driving one. As opposed to glossy footage implying you’re saving the planet.

MAA creative scale: 6.5.

Unilever is swapping CEO Alan Jope for Hein Schumacher, boss of a big Dutch dairy cooperative. Sounds like a back to basics choice and a radical departure from the “purpose” era promoted by, first, Paul Polman and then successor Jope. And we hear much, from creatives in particular, that the purpose era in marketing is coming to an end: essentially everyone’s become rather fed up with it.

No-one’s told direct-to-consumer venerable cosmetic firm Avon and agency Wunderman Thompson.

“Embrace your power” is Avon’s new message for women, the result of a doubtless painstaking makeover by WT. Created by an all-female team.

And it certainly manages to stuff just about every recent purpose cliche into 30 seconds.

Avon CMO Kristof Neirynck says: “Our ambition was to transform Avon, a global beauty movement with a long and illustrious heritage and we’ve achieved that with the ‘Embrace your Power’ platform. From a refreshed visual identity, to introducing inspirational figures across our TV adverts, social channels and brochures, all demonstrating how women have realised their inner power.”

Underlying this nonsense seems to be the notion that Avon reps are empowered by their commission. It’s make-up for heaven’s sake.

MAA creative scale: 2.


  1. The MAA creative scale needs definition. Both ads here are dreadful, bereft of anything to reward any viewer, but one is a 2 and one is a 6.5?

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