Queen Elizabeth 11: an epoch ends with many new challenges

We haven’t had much practice at this. Britain’s Queen Elizabeth 11 has died after 70 years on the throne and, while the obituaries and tributes will have been prepared for years, how should business and the media respond?

Some media channels are pulling advertising – Ocean Outdoor is now running a static tribute to the late queen on its sites including the flagship Piccadilly Lights – and others will respond too. There’s talk of an extra bank holiday to mark her funeral, expected in ten or so days’ time.

One of the queen’s many qualities was that she didn’t like to make too much fuss of anything, despite all the formal trappings of royalty. That would should surely be her view now: get on with things after the necessary period of mourning.

For Liz Truss’s new UK government it’s an extra headache although there some signs that the British people, in what often seems a very divided country, might pull together as they have done on important occasions in the past. An upcoming Royal Mail strike is to be cancelled.

So the queen’s death at the fine old age of 96 should be properly marked but then we need to get on with things as the UK, and other countries of course, faces a multitude of problems.

New king Charles 111, like Ms Truss and her new government, could hardly face more challenges.

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