WFA to unveil new diversity guidelines

The World Federation of Advertisers is launching a Global DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) Charter for Change at Cannes Lions, with the aim of driving real actions and improving the lived experiences for multiple groups working in the marketing industry.

Developed with input from members of WFA’s D&I Taskforce, the Charter identifies actions that all global organisations need to undertake to ensure a better experience for the one in seven members of the industry who say they could leave their company or the industry generally due to lack of diversity and inclusion.

The actions are based on the findings of the WFA-led Global DEI Census, which found that marketing still has much to do if it truly wants to build an industry that measures its achievements and is open when it falls short.

WFA CEO Stephan Loerke says: “The ad industry has considerably stepped up its efforts in recent years when it comes to Diversity & Inclusion, but the inconvenient truth is that we still fall well short of where we should be. Many people in marketing, both at brands and at agencies, are still having a poor lived experience in their workplaces.

“Most of the issues are global and therefore we call upon all multinational organisations to implement real change across all the markets where they operate. We believe that these actions could create real improvement. The time for that change is now.”

The full Charter is here.


Grey London is launching its own diversity charter, details here.

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