Adam&eveDDB delves into a chequered past for global PlayStation Plus launch

This, presumably, is big news if you’re a gamer, all new (subscription) PlayStation Plus incorporating PlayStation Now. that’s if you can get your hands on one of course, with supply chains and all that.

And if it’s a big launch then it’s handy to have adam&eveDDB as your agency, certainly a go-to, maybe the go-to, agency for big numbers.

So we have a respectable looking older gentleman delving into his chequered career – ‘Why be one thing when you can be anything?’ checks B pod from Death Stranding, Bloodborne’s Saw Cleaver, a Watcher from Horizon and Jin Sakai’s mask from Ghost of Tsushima – as he delivers a plate of raw steak – to? Hannibal Lecter?

SVP & Head of Global Marketing Eric Lempel says: “12 years ago, we launched PlayStation Plus. While the service evolved in small increments and continued to resonate with consumers in a big way, we continued to ask ourselves how we could make it even bigger and better. We first decided to merge PlayStation Plus with PlayStation Now to create the all–new PlayStation Plus.

“As of today, we have globally launched this brand-new service to give consumers greater value, more benefits, access to some of our biggest hits, captivating indie games, and a lot more.”

Top notch from A&E which nearly always judges these things perfectly. Lots of other big agencies would get stage fright and blow it. PlayStation too deserves credit for consistently going the extra mile in its ads, not letting CGI do all the work.

MAA creative scale: 9.

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