Sir Frank Lowe promoted to creative director

Sir Frank Lowe used to bestride the creative floor (often decked out in a cricket sweater) at, first, Collett Dickenson Pearce, then Lowe & Partners and, briefly, The Red Brick Road. Becoming one of adland’s legends in the process.

Frank, though, was never actually the creative director although a massive creative influence. He once, according to legend, resigned the Nestle account when the client demanded the Eiffel Tower in a picture of Paris to show it was actually Paris.

But now he is a creative director (unless there are two Sir Franks), of posh country hotel and also town house under the Beaverbrook banner. The country hotel is a pile in Leatherhead, Surrey, once home to ‘The Beaver,’ Lord Beaverbrook who owned the Express newspapers and served in Churchill’s war cabinet as minister of munitions, turning, it’s said, old pots and pans into Spitfires.

Here’s Sir Frank’s Bar in Beaverbrook’s Sloane Street town house.

Cheers Frank.

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