IPG noses ahead of rivals with 11.9% 2021 organic growth

Interpublic (IPG) has nosed ahead in the Q4 and full year 2021 ad holding company reporting stakes with Q4 net revenue of $2.55bn (up 11.6% on 2020) and organic net revenue growth of 11.7%.

For the full year Interpublic registered a net revenue increase of 12.9% with organic revenue up 11.9%. Both Publicis and Omnicom reported around 10%. IPG is targeting 5% in 2022, roughly in line with its peers. WPP is the last of the majors to report and CEO Mark Read will be hoping for a headline growth figure of 12% or more.

IPG CEO Philippe Krakowsky (above), who took over from long-serving Michael Roth last year, says: “The combination of strategy, talent and culture we have built at IPG continues to drive a high level of innovation, collaboration and creativity. Our strong performance reflects more than the cyclical economic recovery, it further validates the growing role we are playing with marketers as they adapt and enhance their businesses to meet the challenges and opportunities of the digital economy.

“Clients are increasingly looking for partners with expertise in first-party data management, performance media, creative ad tech and direct-to-consumer commerce, areas in which we remain very well-positioned.

“As we look ahead, we anticipate that 2022 will be another year of strong growth, on top of our multi-year, industry-leading performance. As such, we are targeting full-year organic growth of 5% in 2022.”

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