New Commercial Arts debuts for MoneySuperMarket with hard-hitting, money-saving ‘Super Seven’

MoneySupermarket has been struggling somewhat of late, its recent campaigns – ‘Money SuperMaaaarket’ – driving some viewers to distraction.

Now it’s back with a big brand refresh – new logo and brand identity – and a mission: to help Britain save, which should strike a chord as evil old inflation bites.

High profile new(ish) agency New Commercial Arts is in the advertising chair plus customer experience work, a big part of NCA’s new platform (there, I’m doing it now.)

So up grams The MoneySuperSeven, experts in Car Insurance, Energy, Home Insurance, Broadband, Travel Insurance, Credit Cards and Pet Insurance with ‘Wheels’ and ‘Spark’ (cars and energy) featuring in the first ad of what seems likely to a mega-campaign.

MoneySuperMarket’s head of brand Mel Stonier says: “We were looking for a creative idea that really demonstrates our range of products and the many ways in which people can switch and save money with MoneySuperMarket. The MoneySuperSeven captures this in a fun, exciting and memorable way.

“There are always more ways to save with MoneySuperMarket, and this is at the heart of the new campaign. The more products our customers switch, the more they will save, and we’re on a mission to save Britain money so they can keep more of their hard-earned cash.”

NCA CCO Ian Heartfield says: “There’s more than one way to save cash with MSM, in fact there are at least seven. Hence the MoneySuperSeven. Each one a ninja at saving money in their area of expertise. It’s a tongue in cheek Bond/Mission Impossible/Ghostbusters mash up. Energetic, fun, loud, and unapologetically direct with its message to tell Britain they can save more money on more things.”

“Unapologetically direct” is right and it sums up much of NCA’s initial oeuvre. There’s no messing around with this lot: they want to put big advertising ideas back on centre stage, buttressed by all the bells and whistles website-to-sale demands. Doing the heavy strategic lifting in essence, a job that has increasingly gone to the consultants and big media agencies in recent times.

Will it be enough to topple Comparethemarket’s mighty meerkats? We’ll see.

MAA creative scale: 7.5.

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