Hyundai Genesis mind games leave us stranded

Elon Musk observed that Tesla had never advertised because it didn’t need to: the car spoke for itself.

Not everyone is in this fortunate position however and car companies have been falling over each other in a race to redesign their communications (as well as their cars) for the electric era. As there seems to be a global shortage of electricity, heaven help us.

Hyundai’s luxury brand Genesis and agency Jung von Matt have thrown the production book at this one: ‘Designed for your mind.’ Time was, of course, when cars were designed to get you from A to B (some with more style than others.)

It all looks very nice but what’s it telling us? It’s the car version of ‘You’re never alone with a Strand,’ a notably gloomy cigarette ad from pre-history that said it’s for sad losers. Maybe we don’t have those any more, not in luxury cars anyway.

JVM produced a terrific ad for Mini a few years back but time moves on – not always in a good way.

MAA creative scale:3.


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