Claudia Winkleman leads the revolution for UK’s first major CBD brand campaign

Cannaray, which sells CBD wellness products and medical cannabis, has launched a major TV campaign — which it claims is a UK first for the product — in a bid to grow CBD into a major FMCG category.

Claudia Winkleman is leading the charge from her sofa, despite the grander revolutionary visions of her imagination, in this ad by BigSmall (one of whose partners is former long-serving Engine CEO Matt Edwards).

Tim Clarke, chief marketing officer at Cannaray, said: “Cannaray is stepping up to lead the UK’s CBD revolution and help millions of new people to try CBD for the first time. The category potential is clear – CBD sales exceed $10bn in the US – but UK growth isn’t guaranteed. It needs trusted brands and high impact advertising.”

As September nears and another series of Strictly Come Dancing looms, signing Claudia is a coup for the brand.

MAA creative scale: 7

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