Poland’s 180heartbeats launches ambitious creative and tech London bid

Warsaw agency 180hearbeats, part of the German Jung von Matt network, is opening in London.

Haven’t they been reading the UK news recently – or heard of Brexit?

Leading this audacious venture is business development director Julia Konopka (left) who says: “We believe there is richness in the diversity created within integrated teams, so we are entering the UK market with confidence, knowing that our agency set-up means we have the best blend of talent the world has to offer both in the UK and Poland.

“Warsaw is considered one of Europe’s emerging growing tech hubs so we feel confident that its growing reputation as a world-class hub for relentless tech innovations gives us an edge over our competitors.”

180heartbeats CEO Marcin Gaworski says: “The pandemic has reshaped the world. Ideas have no boundaries and this is a belief we have long embraced as an agency. It’s a part of our DNA. We have a successful track record working with a number of global clients whose operations are outside of Poland.

“Our technology driven solutions are also a strong example of top-level creativity – a blend that has benefited clients, including Absolut, Ballantine’s, Google, Burger King, Nike, and Velux. The agency has a strong track record of launching successful campaigns in Central and Eastern Europe, China and Asia Pacific. The UK office is just an extension of what we’ve always done.”

180heartbeats has, indeed, won lots of plaudits in Poland and Jung von Matt has 20 or so outposts in Europe and a deserved creative reputation, so why shouldn’t it work?

London hasn’t proved particularly welcoming to overseas agencies in recent years: even biggish American agencies have mostly failed to gain real traction (or, like, Anomaly and Droga5 it took a long time) while France’s BETC started off with a bang but then the agency imploded when the top management fell out.

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