‘Wonderfilled’ for Mini Oreos shows what London contender The Martin Agency can do

The Martin Agency is supposedly ready to join its American confreres in having a crack at the London market – which should be interesting as the Richmond Virginia-based Interpublic shop is best-known for its sure touch with Americana. So, on the face of it, an agency brand unlikely to travel all that well.

But it also produces proper campaigns as with this latest ad in the ‘Wonderfilled’ campaign for Mondelez’s Mini Oreos, featuring a Dr Seuss soundalike.

And this campaign would work pretty well anywhere. So let’s hope The Martin Agency finds the top creative it’s looking for and gives London a shot.

One Comment

  1. This is rather too heavy-handed for the whimsical feel they’re striving for, but there is one bit of real magic in the last animation, when the biscuit becomes a smile. It plays on the history of separating it to eat Oreos, too – the ‘LTD’ ritual.

    There’s the campaign idea they really should be working up …
    (You’re welcome).

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