iZettle and F&B invade London’s Oxford Street with ’12 Hour Store’ for small businesses

Business payments firm iZettle has enlisted Sweden’s Forsman & Bodenfors to help show small businesses how it can make them bigger.

So F&B curbed its usual anarchic tendencies and set up a pop-up location in London’s (highly expensive) Oxford Street to give six small businesses the chance to reach customers in a way they never afford themselves, via its ’12 Hour Store.’

And look at all those happy smiling faces…a bit like Amex’s US ‘Small Business Saturday’ campaign.

Missed it myself although I spend quite a lot of time fighting my way through the throng on Oxford Street on the way to the tube. Not that many of the throng appear to be from the UK. A big proportion seem to be be young persons from Italy and Spain (and very welcome they are too). But I thought people in those two countries didn’t have any money thanks to the Eurozone crisis.

The mysteries of economics and, indeed, retail.

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