Asics bets on IAAF championships for new global rebrand

Japanese sports brand Asics has a new global line ‘I Move Me,’ intended to signify the correlation between a sound mind and a sound body. Which few of us have these days, it seems, thanks to the stresses of urban office life with emails, deadlines and all the rest of it.

PR firm Edelman and its in-house ad agency are in charge and Asics is partnering with the imminent !AAF World Championships in London, the biggest such event in the capital since the 2012 Olympics. It will also be sprinter Usain Bolt’s swan song. The London part of the campaign is #IMoveLondon, encouraging commuters to switch their train tickets for trainers. Another ad campaign based on the miseries of modern life.

There’s also lots of other stuff, as you’d expect from Edelman, including an 85 metre tunnel made from hoops of light synced with music with people invited to move, run and walk through the hoops.

The championships will be a big event, thanks in part to Mr Bolt and others like Mo Farrah also reaching the end of their careers.

Not sure the films, made with Unit9, aren’t a bit beige but they have a certain hypnotic quality.

But it’s a good move by Asics which has been around for 70 years without many people, in the UK anyway, knowing what it really stands for.

MAA creative scale (for the whole campaign): 7.

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