TV still most effective ad medium says Adzooma

Digital marketing platform Adzooma has been asking 2000 adults in the UK what media most influence their buying decisions and – surprise, surprise – TV is tops.

56 per cent are more likely to buy something as a result of seeing a TV ad with 26 per cent responding to a sponsored social media post and 18 per cent to a poster.

59 per cent are most influenced by cost while 23 per cent take a brand’s website into account. Nearly 30 per cent take environmental concerns into account.

Rob Wass, co-founder & CEO of Adzooma says: “There are so many things which factor into what we buy, and it’s interesting to see how traditional advertising still plays such a big role, as well as the rise of online activity.

“Brits are still making a buying decision from things like social media ads and website advertising, and it just shows that this is a marketing tool, which still needs to be perfected and optimised.

“Of course, price and quality will always play a key part in what we buy, but when torn between two equally great products, it can be as simple as seeing it in multiple places that makes you feel more inclined to buy something.”

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