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Ada analysis shows UK traffic volumes steadily increasing during week 5 of COVID-19 lockdown

Latest data from Ada, Talon’s proprietary Out of Home data management platform, shows that traffic across the UK is slowly rising, up by 4% during week 5 of the lockdown when compared to the previous week.

Out of Home media specialist Talon Outdoor, has released latest figures from Ada, that show there was an uptick in the number of vehicles being driven for the week of the 20th – 26th April, despite lockdown measures still being in force. Road traffic rose +4% compared to the previous week, whilst use of public transport saw a marginal increase of just 2% across both Rail and the London Underground respectively.

Key UK Out of Home Insights from Ada for the period 20th – 26th April:

Roadside traffic has increased with a week on week change of +4%, taking the overall decline in traffic to -50% below the baseline.

Similarly, public transport usage has seen marginal increases with London Underground usage up 2% week on week taking the overall drop to -82% below the baseline for this period.

Rail usage followed suit with a WoW incline of just +2%, but is down by -78% overall for the period.
It is not just transit locations that have been affected. Other environments and key points of interest (POI) categories have witnessed small WoW footfall increases of +1%.

Supermarkets continue to outperform other POI’s, with the lowest decrease in total footfall since the lockdown was enforced.

Ada receives billions of anonymised location data points and transforms raw data into insights about population movement and behaviours. Ada has been tracking the impact of the pandemic on population movement across the UK and developed a dashboard to share weekly results. Ada delivers OOH media specific insight, which can be mapped against OOH advertising inventory.

Sophie Pemberton, Strategy Director at Talon says: “The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about significant change to the way people live their lives. Ada shows an uptick in mobility across the board for the week ending 26th April despite UK lockdown measures. This could be attributed to several factors including great weather, to the anticipated relaxing of restrictions, plus there are a growing number of businesses that have resumed trading.”

The next data review from Ada will be out on 11th May here and will look at UK population movement for the week ending 3rd May.

For further enquiries please contact:

Alix Wood [email protected], UK +44 (0) 7989 068 416, US +1 718 285 3859

About Ada

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has already brought about massive, rapid changes to the way people in the UK live their lives. On Monday, 23rd March, the UK Government announced even more stringent and enforceable measures, closing all non-essential shops, restricting social activities and meetings, and requiring people to stay in their homes, except for trips for food or medicine.

Talon’s Ada platform provides valuable insights that help our clients and partners to better understand audience movements and behaviours during this time. By accessing clean, accurate, and comprehensive data and combining it with intelligent data science models, Ada reveals the real impact that COVID-19, and the measures taken to limit its spread, are having on the way people interact with places of interest and Out of Home environments across the UK. By reporting on a weekly basis, our goal is to deliver consistent and essential information which will help businesses to make more informed decisions during this period of uncertainty.

About Talon
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