Coronavirus creativity: “We’ll meet again” from St Luke’s

St Luke’s SHN (the NHS logo re-thought for Stay Home Now) is one of the best agency ideas to emerge from Covid-19 and now the agency has made a film, featuring NHS staff and other key workers with a sprinkling of pretty A-list celebs (for once, earning their money.)

It’s fun spotting them: Billy Connolly, Succession’s Brian Cox etc…and even Villanelle (yikes.) But the real heroes are the NHS workers (as they should be) and they put on a pretty good turn too.

Stay Home Now from St Luke's on Vimeo.

Michael Palmer’s the singer, Sacha Puttnam arranged the Vera Lynn tune. Directed by British film director and photographer Malcolm Venville through Anonymous Content and Final Cut. Edited (remotely of course) by Rick Russell.

MAA Usefulness Scale – oh, go on then: 10.


  1. Just watched it again… For about the umpteenth time. Massive kudos to St Luke’s. It’s restored my hope that the ad biz is not entirely peopled by wankers.

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