What Don Draper’s inner sanctum might have looked like

Were the wages of sin better in those days?

WeWork’s head of visualisation Greg Rogers has recreated Mad Man Don Draper’s swanky Upper East Side New York apartment, which looks pretty contemporary considering Don lived there nearly 60 years ago.

Complete with a wild NYC evening (weather-wise.) Given Draper’s libidinous ways shouldn’t there be some items of clothing scattered about? S’pose he could afford a cleaner too.

One Comment

  1. That pad looks bigger than Madison Square Gardens. Back in my Mad Man days, my first place was a fourth floor walk-up in Hell’s Kitchen, long before it became trendy. No A/C, a cooker that didn’t work and “Moving Wallpaper” at night. As I moved up the ladder, I got better places, but nothing like this fantasy. It even has a terrace you could do a round of golf on. Just a bit over the top.

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