US ad bosses join call for tighter gun laws – but where are Apple, Amazon and co?

Leaders of 145 of America’s biggest companies have signed a letter demanding background checks on gun buyers and ‘Extreme Risk’ laws following a spate of summer shootings in the US. Separately Walmart is demanding more checks: about time too as it supplies many of these weapons. The fact that it’s been the location of two shootings may have been persuasive.

Michael Roth of Interpublic, John Wren of Omnicom, Richard Edelman of Edelman and WPP’s Mark Read, Havas’ Yannick Bollore and Publicis’ Arthur Sadoun (all of whom have big operations in the US) have also signed.

But nothing from Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft or the big US global banks. What are these guys afraid of? Does Tim Cook of Apple really think many of his buyers are gun-toting fanatics and, anyway, he’s better off without them. We all know that Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook’s moral compass is inclined to go missing.

Business Insider

A future historian of the early part of the 21st century will look at America’s gun agony and conclude that a great country really has lost its marbles.

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