Ex-BETC creative chief Neil Dawson launches new agency

[three_fifth_last]UK creative director Neil Dawson (below), a co-founder of BETC London which briefly flourished by winning Diet Coke and Bacardi globally, has set up a creative company Neil A Dawson and Company.

Neil A Dawson starts with what today seems a challenging proposition, namely promising clients what they pay for: the work. Dawson will work with a team of like-minded creatives, planners and others.

Dawson, who has also worked for DDB on Philips, Leagas Delaney, Rothco in Dublin and Nissan in New York, says: “We are like the A Team only it’s dead easy to find us, a tight knit gang of like-minded strategists and creatives who work together to solve client’s problems.

“There’s no cast of thousands in meetings. No expensively designed offices. No layers of management or holding company to pay for. Just dedicated creative folk who love solving problems with bold, creative ideas.

“We work with the global production network, Williams Lea Tag. They provide the global reach we need. And it means our clients don’t need to pay for a huge agency network. Being nimble is the way forward, but this set-up means quality and creativity comes with us.”

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