Is football really coming home for England and Lucozade?

What to make of this? It’s Lucozade and Grey Advertising’s opus for the Women’s World Cup, using the words of Baddiel and Skinner’s ‘(Three Lions) Football’s Coming Home’ anthem from 1986.

Then it was 30 years of hurt (since England won the World Cup – men’s version) with one to come as England were Maradona’d in Mexico.

Here’s Grey’s new version.

Well fair enough, but how many people would relate it to the much jollier original?

And, by the way, there wasn’t a Women’s World Cup in 1966 so how come women’s football is coming home? After X years of “hurt” (a miserable lady appears to make this dubious point.)

Methinks they doth protest too much.

MAA creative scale: 3

One Comment

  1. What an incredibly long, boring, mawkish advertisement: the actress’s voice deprives me of the will to live. When it comes on, I immediately switch the sound off, go and let the cats out, make a cup of tea, ANYTHING but sit through it yet again.

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