Late Show’s Stephen Colbert unveils Super Bawl masterclass

It’s a bit late for all those advertisers and agencies who’ve finished their Super Bowl ads – Google has two it’s not showing in advance, maybe they’re still in the editing suite – but here are some handy tips from The Late Show’s Stephen Colbert.

He takes a brief tour around some Super Bowl over-the-topness before unveiling his own weep-worthy effort.

It’s actually quite hard to take the piss out of advertising (and make it funny) because, so often, the piss has been well and truly taken before the comedian gets there.

Colbert, once an actor, has something in common with John Slattery who played MAA hero Roger Sterling in Mad Men – see here.

One Comment

  1. That is fucking great. Way better than the shit that BDA’s spend millions on. Just one question, shouldn’t the penguin in the wheelchair have been Chinese… And have AIDS? Whatever happened to diversity?

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