The&Partnership tries ‘spontaneity’ for new Toyota Aygo

The&Partnership is rolling out a new “platform” for Toyota’s Aygo town car – ‘Just Go.’ So that’s why it’s called Aygo is it? Always wondered. ‘Just do it’ didn’t do Nike any harm though.

There are ads and lots of social, all via T&P’s European network which handles Toyota and Lexus across the continent.

The focus is on short form content and tailored executions designed to target a broad demographic across all channels – from 15-second personalised assets on Instagram and Snapchat to print, digital out of home and TV executions.

Marketing & Communications senior manager Toyota Europe Dario Giustini says: “Aygo already has a great base of loyal consumers, who look to the car as their agile, nimble way to get around the city. We wanted to build on that, showcasing the countless possibilities at the wheels of every Aygo driver, at the same time as highlighting the great tech the model includes.”

T&P creative director Phil Beaumont says: “We wanted the work to embody the spontaneity of its Just Go message. Embracing short-form content that challenges people to think less, do more, just act. Because not knowing what is around the corner is far more exciting than knowing what is.”

How do you assess these things? The Aygo is never likely to quicken pulses but it’s important to Toyota, this revamp is its only major launch this year. Media is as important as creative, maybe more so when what you’re trying to do is carpet bomb millions of potential buyers in a personalised way.

Workmanlike we’d say. and the only real test is, does it work?

MAA creative scale: 6.

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