A tale of three British ads:Toyota, Royal British Legion and Boots No7

Two wins for technique over ideas

Three ads that show the best and the not so good of current British advertising. Technically great, idea-wise not so great.

First up Toyota for The&Partnership with, yes you guessed it, a new “brand platform” – ‘Go Beyond.’

So we have lots of people feeling inspiring, some of whom work for Toyota, and others including disabled sports car driver Billy Monger (no, me neither.) Intercut with nice shots of a Toyota something-or-other.

And go beyond they certainly seem to – but what about the cars? Toyota, which still vies with VW as the world’s biggest carmaker, has rather been left behind. A pioneer in hybrids, not so hot with EVs.

Here it shows.

MAA creative scale: 5.

Next the Royal British Legion for Remembrance Sunday (Armistice Day elsewhere) which commemorates November 11 1918, the end of the First World War (although they were still shooting each other up to close of play at 11am.)

Everyone wears poppies (those of a certain age anyway) including all broadcasters who’ll be sporting them any day soon. And Leagas Delaney, as ever, does a pretty good job, using stock footage of necessity to show our boys (and girls) in action.

And the RBL doubtless does a very good job in supporting them as some return in bits from hapless engagements in Afghanistan and Iraq. But I’d like to know what exactly they do.

MAA creative scale 6.

Finally Boots No7 from WPP’s The Pharm, showing us its skin revival properties. A big market doubtless and it’s not unreasonable to show users being pretty happy about the efficacy of these potions. Whether they’re enough to make you jig around in your pyjamas is up to you to judge.

Technically, like Toyota, it’s AOK. But it’s really just quick-cutting, attention-grabbing stuff which has become a curse in UK advertising. How about a narrative, or don’t these play well in research? Idea – ignore the research.

MAA creative scale: 4.

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