Toyota Land Cruiser to the rescue of stranded celebs?

Feeling like going for a spin? amazing how we’re all hooked on satnavs but what happens if they don’t work? That’s the set-up for a diverting new effort for Toyota from Saatchi & Saatchi US as Hilary Swank and comedian Jimmy O. Yang set off through a neighbouring desert and icy tundra with only a not very helpful friend for assistance.

Think they probably do get back, there’s a film crew in attendance.

A somewhat improbable set-up then but at least there’s a degree of interest. When did you last see a British car ad that wasn’t the equivalent of watching paint dry?

MAA creative scale: 5.

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  1. Wow…what a total waste of time and production dollars. The driving is so easy it’s no real test of a vehicle. They made the error of using the same trails more than once. It’s so scripted (poorly). Being off-road I doubt the GPS would even have helped much. Oh…and there was a film crew with them the entire time. Is this really what passes for advertising these days? Any number of past Range Rover/Land Rover ads put this to shame.

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