Y&R UK CCO Jonathan Burley: my Top Tips for Cannes

Top Tips for Cannes

Heinz – Geoff

Cartoons move me to tears with such pitiful ease (I can’t type the letters ‘U’ and ‘P’ in succession without letting out a wretched, strangled sob) that you may want to take my fandom of this wonderful antipodean TV spot with a heavy pinch of salt. But even you you remain unmoved by the exquisite storytelling and beautiful animation of the three minute ‘Geoff’ film, you cold and heartless shit, I double-dare you not to be impressed by the intelligence and general marketing smartypants of the case study.

Nike – Nothing Beats A Londoner
Yeah, yeah – no shit, Sherlock. We all know how fabulous this is, how it came screaming out of our screens with a great big grin on its face and shouted ‘You think you know how to make ads? Well, fuck you, I show you how to make ads!” at the top of its voice. Fair dos. Six months on and it still feels as giddy as when you first saw it; crammed full with enough ideas to make a thousand separate ads and as punchy on a thumbprint-smeared smartphone as it is on your 50-inch Samsung QLED.

Vice – Like What You Hate

If the past decade is anything to go by, the Palais des Festivals will undoubtedly be positively dripping with all sorts of goody-two-shoes campaigns yet again this year. No bad thing; if our industry’s desperate need for creative validation results in some good going out into the world, then that’ll do, pig. This Vice campaign is genuinely useful and provocative, and uses algorithms – and I never thought I’d type the word ‘algorithms’ whilst writing about Cannes, so that’s impressive in itself.

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