WCRS unveils pitch-winning Lily James debut for Sky Mobile

If you want a proper ad search out an advertiser with a big budget – in this case Sky, the UK’s biggest – and an agency that has a deft touch in these matters. As WCRS does, notably instanced in its Warburtons epic starring Peter Kay.

So we have ‘Hello Possible’ from Sky Mobile positing a world where you can do impossible things and swap your phone each year, change your plan at any time and roll over unused data.

The big budget? Production obviously but also renting The Beach Boys’ finest and hiring Lily James to do the honours.

Sky UK and Ireland CMO Luke Bradley-James says: “This is an exciting new chapter for Sky Mobile, as we launch our pitch winning work from WCRS. Our campaign launches a world of possibilities for our customers, with a fantastic new product offering, most notably Roll, where customers can roll over their unused data from month to month.”

WCRS ECD Leon Jaume says: “Anything is possible, we are always told. Anything? Well, if Sky can revolutionise the way you use your mobile, surely we can fly around on giant bubbles, pause time and stand in awe of Lily James’s juggling skills? Thanks to Nicolai Fuglsig’s deft touch, we absolutely can.”

Jaume can be excused a pat on his back. Most mobile ads are dire and this is verging on exhilarating. Convincing too.

I see that WCRS is pitching for against AMV BBDO and Wieden+Kennedy among others.

This pitch winner for Sky won’t do them any harm.

MAA creative scale: 9.

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  1. Bet the lawyers had a payday determining whether this line was allowable in face of Huawei’s ‘Make it possible’ in the related handset category

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