Housesimple relaunches with back to basics campaign from The&Partnership

Online estate agents were supposed to be the equivalent of no win no fee lawyers, you pay a fee only if it’s sold. Some are more complex than that now. Housesimple has appointed The&Partnership London to relaunch the brand with a new identity and a punchy TV and online campaign reminding punters that it charges £995 if the house is sold, nothing if it isn’t.

Housesimple CEO Sam Cook says: “After ten years in the market, we needed to refresh our branding to properly demonstrate the great service we offer to consumers – and ‘Housesimple, house sold’ does just that. We’re thrilled that we can step into spring with a new, refreshed brand identity that communicates our brand ethos and award-winning offering.”

Well it’s miles better than the latest atrocity from Purple Bricks, featuring a father at a wedding who should clearly be sectioned.

One quibble: why Housesimple instead of House Simple? Is it because it sounds like how simple? Or simply that spaces between words are banned these days.

MAA creative scale: 6.5.

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