DDB’s Tribal fights back against consultants with ‘TX’ strategy

Adam&eveDDB digital agency Tribal Worldwide London is challenging consultants Accenture, Deloitte and co. with a new structure built around six core “practices” (very consultant) making up what it calls TX, or “Total Experience.” Essentially this seems to mean a focus on internal, employee issues as well as external customer ones.

The agency is also formalising its relationship with April Strategy, which it works with on Volkswagen, its biggest London client.

The six practices are Business Consulting (a joint venture with April Strategy); Data Science, Customer Experience, Tech Engineering, Creative and Social, and Spark (innovation).

CEO Tom Roberts (below in the suit) says: “I believe that businesses should embrace the concept of Total Experience (TX) and invest in improving it for the benefit of customers, employees and the bottom line. TX takes the principles of great Customer Experience and applies them across an entire business.”

Business Consulting partner John Vincent says: “Having worked successfully together for over a decade on the Volkswagen business creating Blended Retailing – an initiative that has seen a significant uplift in ARPU and customer satisfaction – April Strategy already feels part of the Tribal family. Now, making it official, we are excited to go-to-market together with this practice and work with other organisations to help them take advantage of emerging opportunities.”

Adam&eveDDB has had successes in London by broadening its offer, in cahoots with Tribal. It remains to be seen whether Tribal’s new model can succeed on a global scale and the fact it’s only been announced in London so far suggests a degree of experimentation.

But the consultancies have made great inroads into agency territory by offering a whole service – from data and analytics through “customer experience” to, increasingly, creativity and it’s brave of Tribal to park its tanks on their lawn.

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